Thanks to everyone who bought a filter (or a half) for a family in need in the Philippines! The delivery process is in motion to ensure the impact of your donation is felt.



Typhoon Haiyan is behind us, but the people of the Philippines continue to struggle to overcome its effects. One of the most crucial needs is access to clean drinking water.

Kind Kart, Convoy of Hope, and Filter of Hope are partnering to offer people throughout the United States a meaningful way to provide assistance to those in the Philippines affected by typhoon Haiyan. In particular the organizations have set a goal of sourcing 5,000 donations leading up to World Water Day on March 22nd. The filters will be distributed to the islands of Cebu and Panay through a joint effort by Convoy of Hope and Filter of Hope.

People who are interested in donating a water filter can do so through the Amazon Wedding registry managed by Kind Kart. The registry offers a FULL filter for $40, and a HALF filter for $20. (As soon as we have two halves, we send a full!)


What is Kind Kart?

Kind Kart is a socially-minded enterprise founded with the firm belief that the world is ready for a better way to give. In today's flat world, we can connect to people thousands of miles away more quickly and openly than we ever thought would be possible. Shouldn't the way we donate to causes and places we care about reflect this paradigm shift? We believe that people want to know who they're helping, where their help is needed, and most importantly - WHAT is needed to actually HELP. This simple yet powerful idea is at the root of one of our most practical and endearing wedding traditions - the registry. Why give them what you think they want when you can ask them what they actually NEED? Why send a bag of old sweatshirts if all that's needed is a hammer?

We first tested this concept, using an Amazon wedding registry, to help effectively channel donations in the wake of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. In just a few short weeks, we were blown away by the response from donors across the country - who together donated over 35,000 items (from $5 work gloves to $600 generators) at a value of over $750,000.

We're developing Kind Kart to bring this level of transparency, practicality, and encouragement to a generation of donors and organizations that are increasingly shopping, promoting, and sharing FIRST online. Through a registry system of in-kind donation sourcing, individual donors will gain peace-of-mind, non-profit organizations will receive more of what they really need to help their constituents, and those in need will more quickly climb out of that state - because we actually helped them.

What do Convoy of Hope and Filter of Hope do?

Convoy of Hope, a faith-based organization founded in 1994, has a driving passion to feed the world. With a long history as an early responder in times of natural disasters, Convoy of Hope has been a Four Star Charity as recognized by Charity Navigator for 11 consecutive years. In the last 20 years, Convoy of Hope has served more than 65 million people.

Following Typhoon Haiyan:

  • Convoy of Hope has been able to distribute more than 1.24 million meals

  • In addition to meal distribution, teams have also distributed: fishing nets, water filters (260), sanitizers, roofing materials, matches, salt, nails, tarps, hygiene kits (3,388) and supplies to repair/rebuild boats and motors.

  • Repairs have also been completed on a local church in Danbantayan to ensure food storage and feeding programs in the area continue.

  • Distributed food has included: fortified rice and soy protein meals, soup mix, dried fruit, canned tomatoes, paper goods, tuna, Feed My Starving Children meals, Plum Organics product, rice, corned beef, sardines, pasta, pasta sauce, and Reliv Now product.

  • Convoy of Hope is partnering with several organizations to build 100 homes in the Philippines.

Filter of Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit based out of Panama City Beach, Fla. that works with individuals, organizations, schools, churches, corporations and foundations to help raise awareness and funding for their amazing point of use water filters that remove the harmful bacteria from water that kills millions of people each year. 

You can donate cash to Convoy of Hope here, and to Filter of Hope here. Even $5 helps!

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